Gulf Coast Testing's Certification Program

Certification InformationPosted: 12/23/2012


Gulf Coast Testing's Certification Program provides certification for residential wastewater treatment units according to the requirements of NSF/ANSI Standard 40, NSF/ANSI Standard 46, NSF/ANSI Standard 245, and NSF/ANSI Standard 350. The scope of services offered under this program include:

· Certification of new units

· Certification of equipment for units

· Continuing compliance for units previously tested

· Engineering evaluations for units previously tested

Wastewater treatment units listed as Certified by Gulf Coast Testing comply with all requirements of the ANSI/NSF standard referenced in the publication and display the Gulf Coast Testing Mark as proof of certification. Download the GCT Mark here.

Certification DocumentsPosted: 12/23/2012


In addition to the Application for Certification in the Certification Process below, the following documents are used by GCT in the Certification Process:

Contract for Standard Performance Evaluation

Test Installation/Adjustment/Removal Record

In-Plant Audit Form

Equipment Evaluation Form

Certification ProcessPosted: 11/7/2010


In order to get one or more of your company's models certified, you must fill out an application. You can fill out the application online or mail in a paper application. Click the Get Certified link at the bottom for more information on getting certified.

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