Gulf Coast Testing's Certification Program

Becoming CertifiedPosted: 7/22/2012


Gulf Coast Testing, LLC is an ANSI accredited certification for residential wastewater treatment units and associated wastewater equipment.  Once you contact GCT either by phone, fax, or email or filling out an online application, we will quickly respond with the appropriate information regarding our certification program. This information includes: a quote on the cost, the approximate timing, an application for certification, and a general list of certification requirements. Payment of the initial fee and the filled-out application starts the official process of becoming certified by Gulf Coast Testing. 

Once the appropriate paperwork is completed, the wastewater treatment system is tested for conformance to the applied standard. This includes evaluation all equipment, approval of the product manuals, and inspection of the manufacturing facility. Completion of all testing, reviewing, inspecting, and any corrective actions, will result in issuing a Certification Certificate.

An annual Continuing Compliance inspection of the manufacturing facility is required, as well as a retesting of the wastewater treatment system every seven years to maintain certification. 

Get Your Company CertifiedPosted: 11/7/2010


Online Application

You can get certified using this website by creating an account for your company and submitting a model for certification. Click the My Account tab to begin this process.

Paper Application

The first step to becoming certified is to fill out our paper Application Form.

The paper application can be mailed to our office or emailed to William Daniel (