Clean Water Act Services

To ensure compliance with Section 404 of the Clean Water Act, companies or landowners conducting activities in or around wetland areas must know their boundaries in order to obtain the proper permits for these activities, as well as to mitigate for any impacts to wetland areas.

Gulf Coast Testing offers a variety of services related to wetland areas, including:

Wetland Delineation – GCT performs wetland delineations, according to guidelines set forth by the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

Wetland Permitting – GCT assists companies with agency permit applications for work in or around wetland areas. We compile the information necessary for appropriate agency review of project operations, as well as file the necessary permit documentation to allow work to proceed in the subject area.

Wetland Compliance Monitoring – GCT provides monitoring and oversight of development projects conducted in wetland areas to assure permit compliance.

Wetland Mitigation Banking – GCT can develop proposals for landowners or sponsors who wish to convert property into sites that can be used to satisfy regulatory requirements for compensatory mitigation (i.e. mitigation bank proposals), as well as take all steps necessary to gain agency approval.

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