Environmental Site Assessment

GCT performs Phase I Environmental Assessments to the highest degree of standards and all Phase I Environmental Site Assessments are in current ASTM 1527-05 standard and All Appropriate Inquiry (AAI) compliant. Our Phase I reports are done by Environmental Professionals who meet the requirements of EPA's AAI Standard.

GCT includes the following elements into each Phase I ESA.

  • Detailed on-site inspection
  • Neighboring site reconnaissance
  • Governmental database search
  • Interviews with owner with knowledge of Site
  • Interview with local officials
  • Report preparation
  • Environmental lien inquiry
  • Recorder of Deeds search review
  • Aerial photography and/or Topographical map review
  • Soils Survey Reviews
  • Zoning Map Review
  • Sanborn map review
  • Floodplain map review
  • Geologic and hydro-geologic conditions analysis
  • Building department records review
  • Inquiry to determine DEQ site-specific files

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