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Gulf Coast Testing, LLC is founded on the principle of providing improvements to the environment in which we live. At Gulf Coast Testing, we understand the complex regulations and standards that our clients must operate within and the operational pressure on organizations to satisfy the expectations of their customers and regulatory bodies. However, we believe working with the right partner can turn even the most challenging job into a manageable project.

Gulf Coast Testing is an ANSI accredited product certification company for NSF/ANSI Standard 40, NSF/ANSI Standard 245, NSF/ANSI Standard 350, NSF/ANSI 46 and NSF/ANSI 385. GCT operates a state of the art test site in Prairieville, Louisiana test for residential waste water treatment units to satisfy NSF/ANSI stringent testing, evaluation, and certification requirements. As a third party certifier, Gulf Coast Testing is independent from both supplier and consumer organizations, conducts the auditing, and issues certificates stating that a product or process complies with a specific set of criteria or standards for safety, quality, and/or performance. A certified product will bear the GCT MARK on the product to let state regulators know the product has passed stringent testing and help consumers make educated purchasing decisions. The GCT Mark means that the product complies with all standard requirements. GCT conducts annual audits to verify that the product continues to comply with the standard. A complete list of companies certified by GCT can be found by clicking here.

To become certified, click on this link for our application.

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